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Domain sale, domain transfer from private - no commercial domain trading

Personal and personal domain sales service for sellers and buyers of domains that are self-searchable. Whether purchase, sale or placement - take advantage of the free service!

Domains are the street names in the World Wide Web. A domain is, so to speak, your company address and this must be found.

For your business
Whether entrepreneur, association or charitable purpose: Inform with your personal website about interesting topics, events or news - always purposeful and up-to-date.

For a blog
Reports about a creative project, the last trip or the newest recipe? Share your passion or hobby with your individual blog.

For her family
A website from your recent family celebration or a report on traveling with children: Also great for families to present themselves on the Internet.

Whois Information "Private registration is no longer displayed"
Within the framework of the General Data Protection Regulation (DSGVO), which has been binding throughout Europe since 25 May 2018, the domain registrars have agreed not to identify or otherwise publish personal data of the owners of websites registered with them in the Whois directory.

How to use the domain to switch to a provider via domain transfer.

In order to initiate the domain transfer, you will receive the required authorization code after signing the contract

Domain transfer contract
Agreements will be reached between the parties on the distribution of liability and payment arrangements.
This is done through a comprehensive domain transfer contract.
The contract governs the modalities of domain transfer. The duties of the seller of the domain are to be set out as well as the duties of the buyer.

Important NOT E:
"" is not a trading platform for domain trading, domain auction, Domanbörse or domain market in the commercial sense but a private initiative. We provide this website only for private providers free of charge and without obligation. First contact of the interested parties takes place for data protection reasons over "". We then forward the inquiries to the seller. After that, the seller decides whether he wants to contact the interested party.

Neither sellers nor buyers incur any costs or fees. Only obligations are truthful information about the owner and the offer.

The contract is basically between the parties. Therefore, we assume no liability or warranty for the accuracy of the offers nor are we liable for the legal processing of the domain or domain transfer. The legal obligations are to be agreed between the parties in the domain transfer contract - recourse claims against "" are excluded.



In the case of misuse, we reserve the right to take legal action and claim for damages